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We want to provide global reach to remarkable, remote artisans!

Why does GlobeIn use the Fair Trade system?

As a company, GlobeIn is committed to the concept of Fair Trade, an arrangement designed to help producers in emerging economies achieve sustainable and equitable trade relationships. To affirm our commitment to Fair Trade and join a community of like-minded companies, GlobeIn is a member of the Fair Trade Federation, a trade association of fair trade businesses fully committed to equitable and sustainable trading partnerships. The Fair Trade Federation (FTF) supports members in order to grow the global movement of trade that values the health of the planet, and the labor, dignity, and equity of all people.

At GlobeIn, we embody the ethos of the FTF by taking action on 9 principles identified as having the potential to positively impact our trade relationships. These 9 principles are as follows:

  • 1. Create opportunities for economically and socially marginalized producers
  • 2. Develop transparent and accountable relationships
  • 3. Build capacity
  • 4. Promote Fair Trade
  • 5. Pay promptly and fairly
  • 6. Support safe and empowering working conditions
  • 7. Ensure the rights of children
  • 8. Cultivate environmental stewardship
  • 9. Respect cultural identity
  • You do not need to have a specific Fair Trade membership or certification to partner with us, as long as your organization is embodying these principles as well as the GlobeIn specific principles listed below.

    How do I apply to become an Artisan Partner?*

    1. Artisan groups interested in working with GlobeIn, apply here to become an Artisan Partner. Our work on the 9 principles of Fair Trade begin at this stage. All applicants agree that they too are upholding the principles.

    2. After you complete your application, our Impact Team will follow-up to better understand in what ways you have applied the principles in your work. Each applicant confirms that the following statements are true for them and answers 3 corresponding questions to explain:

  • Artisans are paid a living hourly wage while they are engaged in the production of the products we purchase. They are paid fully and on time.
  • Artisans are hired based on their ability to produce the product, without regard to the following status: race, caste, national origin, religion, disability, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, union membership, political affiliation, age, marital, or health status.
  • Artisans who work on-site are free from physical, sexual, psychological, or verbal harassment or abuse. Artisans who report discrimination are free from retaliation.
  • Artisans who work on-site have safe and healthy working conditions.
  • Artisans groups disclose the employment of children under the age of 18 and ensure that all children have the right to security, play time, and are enrolled in full-time education. Artisan groups do not support child trafficking or engage in exploitative child labor.
  • Artisan groups encourage environmentally sustainable practices in the creation of their products, and reduce, reuse, reclaim, and recycle materials wherever possible. If an applicant does not qualify,* but still shows the potential and desire to do so, we will work with them to help them comply with the expectations for Fair Trade companies.
  • 3. Once an applicant has completed this process, we can begin negotiating to purchase your products. A number of factors influence this process: Production capacity - do you have the capacity at this time to complete the order? Timeline - can this order be produced, packaged, and shipped given our timelines? Price - can your team produce these products at this price, with artisans receiving a living wage for their work?

    *GlobeIn has a different set of qualifying criteria for non-craft partners, such as food and beauty companies. Please reach out to partners@globein.com if you have questions or are concerned about qualifying.